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Favorite Shirt – Santa Don’t Stop Believin’

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There are a lot of shirts designs out there that celebrate the holidays.  Whether you are celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanza there is a shirt for the occasion.  So it was really hard to find a favorite until i saw this Santa shirt on Etsy.  It incorporates the Christmas season … Read More

Halloween – Surprise Me Pumpkin Tee

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Halloween is this week and if you’ve been on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest you’ll see all of the pumpkins everyone has been carving this week.  We found this cute pumpkin/knife “Surprise Me” tee and thought it would be perfect for this week!  Unfortunately we couldn’t find the origin of this … Read More

Repurpose Project – DIY Team Scarf

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If I could sew my first project would be this DIY Team Scarf by VMG206.  Actually I think it’s inspired me to learn the basics of sewing so that I can make this myself!  But I don’t want you to have to wait that long to do your own.  So … Read More

BBQ Competition Shirts

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BBQ Competitions are huge here in the South.  The competitions can be in a local neighborhood among friends or at a national level at area fairgrounds/tourist locations.   I’m fortunate enough to love BBQ and to have friends who love to compete in national level BBQ competitions. I’ve been to … Read More

Favorite Shirt – Ditka

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If you haven’t noticed lately by all of our Favorite Products but we are huge football fans!  The Bears are our NFL team and Mike Ditka is our favorite coach of all time so it just makes sense that this week’s favorite product would be the Suck my Ditka shirt … Read More

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Shirts

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Yesterday we featured just one of our favorite Bachelorette Party shirt designs.  Today we’re expanding our designs to show you more options for both Bachelor and Bachelorette Party designs.  We’ve also done our version of the “Tank Her” design. One of our favorites below was the Bachelor Party design “I … Read More

Favorite Shirt – Tank Her Bachelorette Party Shirts

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Last week was all about the Bridal Shower so this week it’s all about the Bachelorette Party!  Since I’ve had a lot of friends get married in the last couple of years I’m always on the lookout for Bachelorette Party designs.  This “Tank Her” design is a new one that’s … Read More

We’re Closed June 7th-15th

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Our office is going to be closed June 7th through June 15th while I travel for business.  I’ll still be getting emails so feel free to send them, I just won’t be processing orders until I return on the 16th. And don’t worry, you won’t have to miss us too … Read More

Favorite Products – Bridal Shower Gifts

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Since June is bridal month, and we’re featuring everything bridal, our favorite product today is for a Bridal Shower.  This favorite product comes from the last bridal shower I attended.  The theme was a lingerie shower so I thought embroidered products would be perfect for the occasion.  I personally love … Read More

June Promo – 10% off Bridal Tees

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June is one of the most popular months for weddings so we’re supporting that with our June Bridal Promotion.  This promo applies to anything bridal related including: Bridal Showers, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Rehearsal Dinners, Wedding Parties, Weddings, Honeymoons or anything bridal related you can think of!  The June Bridal promo will … Read More

Customers & Pricing

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I found this funny/joking graphic on Customers & Pricing a couple of weeks ago.  I thought it was both funny and fitting because I had just spoke with another entrepreneur about this exact subject.  They said that they often felt like their customers were questioning their pricing and that they … Read More

Favorite Shirt – Tequila On

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Cinco De Mayo is next week and even though they say Mexico doesn’t celebrate it as a national holiday, I’ve been there for that day and there was a lot of celebrating going on.  I also wish I had this shirt when I was there – it would have made … Read More

Birth Celebration T-Shirts

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A great way to celebrate the birth of a new baby is with customized shirts.  Typically you see the plain  “I’m the big brother/sister” type shirts but this family decided to put a different twist on their shirts. Being a family of five already they wanted to welcome their new … Read More

Be the Change Project 2014

Back in 2012 Pressed 4 Fun launched the Be The Change Project to give back for all the help that we’ve received while starting Pressed 4 Fun.  Our intent was to periodically to help other businesses with our design skills or marketing skills or anything else that might help them … Read More

Three Website Design Pages Not To Forget

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There are three website design pages not to forget when designing your website.  These pages often get overlooked but are a necessity in today’s development world. Today we’ll list those three pages that we almost forgot:   Archives Page – Many of today’s WordPress themes have an infinite scroll option … Read More

St. Patty’s Day for the Kids

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Holidays are a great time to use customized products.  They allow you to celebrate while keeping it unique to you and St. Patty’s Day is infamous for “wearing your green”!  Yesterday at Pressed 4 Fun we talked about St. Patrick’s Day Kid Designs because we know they want to celebrate … Read More

Favorite Shirts of the Week – Pinch Proof

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We Love St. Patrick’s Day – it’s one of our favorite holidays!  We love wearing green and celebrating with family/friends, corn beef & cabbage, and Shamrock Shakes.  Yes, we maybe a little addicted to Shamrock Shakes. 🙂 We also love creating shirts at Pressed 4 Fun for our friends/family to … Read More

Digital T-Shirt Printing – What is it and why it’s beneficial to you?

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When I tell people that we use digital printing for our t-shirt printing process at Pressed 4 Fun the silence that often follows tells me a. they have no clue what I’m talking about or b. that they are concerned with the process because they’ve never heard of it.  Of … Read More

St. Patty’s Day – Adult Shirt Designs

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St. Patty’s Day in Charleston is a big event with parades, block parties, and drinking. Sporting your green and celebrating is pretty much a requirement here and we intend to accommodate on all fronts because we’ll also be having a weekend bachelorette party! Of course we couldn’t do that without … Read More

Trade Work – Yes or No?

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Trade Work – do you do it or not? A long time ago, before currency existed, the bartering system was the way everyone did business.  Think of one caveman telling another “I’ll give you these two deer for your buffalo” type of trade.  As currency was created this bartering/trade system … Read More

Repurpose Project – Super Hero Cape

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This week’s tee re-purpose project for a Super Hero Cape was inspired by the blog from The Southern Institute.  But since there are no kids in this household we had to improvise with our “super dog” Bailey.   Also, since we didn’t make this for a kid we didn’t put … Read More

Favorite Product – SINgle Tee

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Single this Valentine’s?  Don’t worry, we’ve got a flirty, playful way to let everyone know that you’re single and ready to mingle!  Try it on a shirt or koozie and get out there to find your next love or some fun for the night. 😉  

Valentine’s Day Shirts

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Believe it or not January is almost over!  I know, if you’re like me you’re thinking wasn’t it just Christmas?!? Unfortunately not. And even worse, Valentine’s Day is only 16 days away!  Starting to panic because you haven’t even started thinking of gifts for your sweetheart?  Don’t worry, we’ve got … Read More

Tee Repurpose Project – T-shirt Rings

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We’ve been dying to try another t-shirt re-purpose project and when we found a no sew option for t-shirt rings at Homemade Ginger we jumped at the chance.  The whole project took us about two hours to complete but that’s because we made eight total and the first couple were … Read More