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Sports Team Shirts

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With the first day of baseball season right around the corner, and hopefully Spring with it, sports team shirts are on our mind.  Of course it’s jaded by the fact that we’re huge baseball fans (Go Mets!) and actively played on teams since we were in grade school.  Either way, it’s that time of year and you can’t help but to see team signups on every neighborhood sign and every rec. department announcement board.

Many of the great memories I have growing up and even into my adulthood surround playing on teams. I’m proud to say that I was a Pepsi (Undefeated) Team softball player, Westville High School Tiger player and several other adulthood “bar” teams where some of my best friends came from.  The difference back then until now was that our team names were based on our sponsors and shirts were just a plain name on the front/number on the back.  We’ve come a long way since then!  Team names are crazier now and they want shirt designs to match.

And this isn’t limited to baseball shirts.  Here in the south we have soccer, volleyball, kickball, bocce, and skeeball teams (just to name a few) in addition to baseball/softball shirts.  Heck, there are even trivia teams that have their own shirts.  The teams/options are unlimited.

We’ve done a few here at Pressed 4 Fun so this month’s promotion, coming out tomorrow, is going to be surrounding team shirts.  But today, take a look at a few of the ones we’ve done in the past.  Then get your ideas ready for the promo tomorrow!




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