The FUN starts with our Owner/Founder/Artist/Multiple Hat Wearer: Molly Ryback

Hi, I’m Molly. I created Pressed 4 Fun out of my love for graphic design and wearing comfortable things. In high school, art class was my favorite thing and design was my specialty. So I got a degree in Graphic Design and set out to concur the design world. Well life didn’t really go in that direction. I took a job with an insurance companies printing & distribution facility and ended up doing more warehouse work than design. After that, I went to work for one of the largest ink manufacturers for decorated products. I got to use more of my design skills and get an understanding of the decorated apparel industry. It’s also where I realized my love for creating decorated products and the want to have my own business.

I wanted to create a business that was a fun place to work using the skills I had gained throughout my life. I wanted to design unique products that weren’t using stock designs saturated in the market. I wanted them to be cute and something that I would wear myself. Because if I won’t wear it, I don’t expect you to either. So what’s more fun, unique & cute than tees and pajama sets? Nothing. And that’s where I found our niche.

I do all of the designs for our products and take pride in knowing they are unique to my business. And as Pressed 4 Fun continues to grow, I’ll keep the values I built the business on alive and continue to create products my customers will love. They’ll always be Fun.Unique.Cute.



All items are personalized so you
have a unique product that’s only for you.

Quality Products

We use quality products with
durable decoration processes.

Fast Shipping

We ship all of our orders via USPS Priority
Mail so it arrives to you faster.

You are my person girl

Original Designs

We do all of our own designs that are original to us. You won’t find them in other shops.

Unique PJ/Cozy Pants

Our pant patterns are unique to us and
can only be found in our shop.

Best Price Guarantee

You’ll find the best price for our products
on our website.


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  • LoveYouForever

    Amazing shirts! Love the idea and they came out beautifully. They were a great idea for a Mother’s Day matching outfit! Thanks so much!

    – GD

  • Holiday Pajamas

    Love these pjs for the whole family!!! Can’t wait to wear them for Christmas and let’s be honest as much as humanly possible…so cute and comfy!!!

  • Her One His Only

    Perfect honeymoon gift for the newlyweds!

    So cute!

    – SP

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